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Bubbly Baking: Mini Pavlova with Citrus Fruit

Hey,  Bubbly Tribe!
I cannot tell you how excited to share this dessert. I was watching the Netflix series, Fat Salt Acid Heat and was so inspired for this sweet treat, I knew I had to make it immediately!

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How to Create the Perfect Girl's Night In

Creating The Perfect Girls Night In Is Much Simpler Than You Think. First And Foremost The Hardest Part Is Finding A Night Everyone Can Get Together. This May Take Weeks Or Even Months, But Don't Worry A Date Will Fall Into Place.

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My Bubbly Obsessions For April

Hey Bubbly Tribe!! This week on my Youtube Channel I have created a new segment called My Bubbly Obsessions!

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My Favorite Recipes To Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Friday is Cinco de Mayo and one of my favorite holidays because I love Margaritas and Spanish food. Now, do not get me wrong I know that Cinco de Mayo is not about Margaritas, it's Mexican Independence day, and as any good American, I love Independence.

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