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My Favorite Recipes To Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Friday is Cinco de Mayo and one of my favorite holidays because I love Margaritas and Spanish food. Now, do not get me wrong I know that Cinco de Mayo is not about Margaritas, it's Mexican Independence day, and as any good American, I love Independence.

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California Love Served Midwest Style; BelAir Cantina

If You Live Anywhere Near Milwaukee, Or Have A Car And Do Not Mind A Little Bit If A Drive, Find Your Nearest BelAir Cantina And Get Ready To Fall In Love. I Am Lucky Enough To Live Within Walking Distance And It Has Been Life Changing, We Have Eaten There On Several Different Occasions In The Past Month, And I Haven't Been Disappointed. You Can Feel The Love And Time Put Into Each Dish, Each Bite Is Full Of Favor And You Cannot Wait To Take Another.

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