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Beauty Insider: My Favorite Beauty Products For 2018

With a new year comes an updated beauty routine. Time to let go of old products and revest in a new skincare routine. I have had the privilege to test a variety of brands and products and here are my absolute favorites. I cannot live without them and after you try them neither will you. 

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A Look Back on 2017 and A Look Forward into 2018

As I leave 2017 behind I will say there are a lot of things I am glad to say good-bye too, but there were so many amazing moments for The Daily Bubbly and me personally. So instead of focusing on the negative, I want to take on 2018 with nothing but positive vibes. 

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5 Amazing Beauty Products To Try Right Now

When the temperature outside drops my skin feels it. Fortunately, Rodial is here to protect and protect it they do! My skin is so hydrated, it's literally the best skin it's ever been and that is no joke. Rodial sent me five amazing products and I cannot wait to share them with you, my reader... You're Welcome ;) 


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