So Many Changes...

As you may have noticed I have been on a little vacation. There are a couple reasons for this vacation but the main one is WE MOVED!! My fiance (at the time wink-wink) and I moved our family from Chicago to Milwaukee. Moving for us was not for a job but for a lifestyle. Many people our age are single or  jumping head first into their careers which is fanastic but for us, money isn't our driver. Trust me, we like money but living for life and our family is our main driver. And Yes, I say "our" because I feel it's important that a couple is on the same page when it comes to large life decisions, like this, and being on the same page on what drives you and/or your family. 

A little back story "my fiance" and I met in Chicago when we worked together at The Melting Pot. he was a bartender and I was a server who transfered in from the suburbs, that was almost 7 years ago, and the rest is history. As amazing as Chicago has been to us, we felt it was time to move on, we just weren't getting what we needed out of the city like we once did. We've lived in great neighborhoods, met amazing friends, started our family and Created so many fabulous memories. 

Now some people may ask why Milwaukee? Why not just move to a surrounding suburb like Oak Park or Naperville? One reason is neither of us are orginally from Chicago so it was not imperative that we stay local. But I am a midwestern girl, born and raised outside of Cleveland and my brothers still lives in Ohio, so I did not want to leave the midwest. Also I had grown up in South Flordia and I knew I did not want to live there (too hot). So how did we get here, honestly, pretty easily. my fiances parents live in Port Washington about 30 minutes outside of Milwaukee and over the past two years we have been visiting Wisconsin regularly. And too make a long story short we visited Milwaukee on a long weekend and we Fell in LOVE instantly!

Now do not get me wrong we threw a couple of cities in the ring, but Milwaukee won, close to family, and an hour and half from Chicago, plus there are a ton of things to do. I could not be happier with our neighborhood, having the lake, and nature trails right at our doorsteps, along with resturants, breweries, musuems and music. I cannot wait for the adventure ahead of us, making new friends, finding our favorite local gems, and taking in all those days on the lakefront. We have only been living here a month but I feel we made the right decision and more importantly I feel relaxed and at peace, like this is Right, and We are Home.