10 Blue Wedding Dresses Worthy Of The Aisle

When it comes to wedding dresses I am not a traditional bride. So I was pleased when designers started taking chances, and took a look back in their fashion history books, to bring back pigmented and floral wedding dresses. That's right! Wedding dresses have not always been white... The white wedding dress was made popular by Queen Victoria in the 19th century. 

This trend makes me want to get married over and over again, because each dress is more beautiful than the next. From the gorgeous dusty blue to the navy floral patterns that dance across the fabric. This style speaks of elegance and timelessness. Full skirts and beaded overlays I cannot get enough of these dresses. There is a little romance and playfulness to every gown. They say that when a bride wears blue her love is true... 

Below is a sneak peek of the skirt to my wedding dress. It is being custom made by an insanely talented designer (Garic Stephens), who just happens to be my good friend. I am truly grateful to know so many talent people, and who are overjoyed to help make my day special. More sneak peeks to come.