The Daily Bubbly Gift Guides for 2018

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The Holidays Are Right Around The Corner, I Am sharing my Favorite Picks with you, my Readers. All These Products I have hand-picked, Use And Dream Of Owning One Day Soon. Hopefully, This Will Help You Find The Perfect Gift For The Wonderful People In Your Life In This Season Of Giving.

All of us Know a homebody, Who Takes Awhile To Cokes Out Of the house, instead, let us embrace our creature of comfort. This Christmas Celebrate This Bed Warmer With A Gift That Will Make Their Sundays Extra Special. If You Are Like Me, In My Circle Of Friends I am a huge fan of the Golden Girls and thanks to Hulu I can watch reruns whenever I want. I created a wonderful gift guide celebrating all things Golden. I also didn't forget about my beauty badasses and my champagne queens! Plus I would never do a gift guide without thinking of all the Gentleman who makes us laugh, reach things on the top shelves and leave a trail of mess where ever they go. haha Just Kidding...

Happy Gift Giving!

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The-Daily-Bubbly-Gift Guide-2018-Champagne-Beauty-Golden-Girls-Home-For-Him-For-Her-
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There are so many gifts for The Gentleman that are my absolute fantastic, but one is a personal favorite. The JORD Watch has a place in my heart and on my husband’s wrist. For our second wedding anniversary, I gifted him a Frankie in Dark Sandalwood and Emerald. It is an absolutely stunning timepiece. Watches are one of those gifts that last a lifetime and that’s exactly what I was hoping for. Whether you are receiving or giving a JORD watch there is something very special about it. The wooden box that stores the timepiece is just as good looking as the watch itself. I was able to inscribe a message to my husband on the back of the watch. To make the moment gift even before the company also inscribes the message on the box itself. Truly above and beyond, if that’s not enough there the package includes the collector’s edition humidor cedar watch box, cleaning cloth, and a 6 month supply of JORD Preserve and a custom-formulated wood treatment gel with applicator pen. This package helps to keep the watch looking stunning year after year. Time is precious and this watch embodies that sentiment exactly.