How to Create the Perfect Girl's Night In

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Creating the perfect girls night in is much simpler than you think. First and foremost the hardest part is finding a night everyone can get together. This may take weeks or even months, but don't worry a date will fall into place. As adults, we all have a ton of things going on in our lives, work, kids and even social or business groups. So let's be patient and give a variety of dates and have flexibility on time.

Okay after the date is confirmed "wipe the brow" it's off to the store for food and drinks. I always try to remember if someone is vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free whatever the case may be. To save you a lot of headaches and a big grocery bill keep it simple. Start with a great cheese board with a range of mild cheeses, unless you're friends are cheese lovers then go for what your budget can handle. A great baguette or toast points will compliment a variety of cheeses. I always add a sweet element to the cheese like apples, pears, and honey.

The next items I try to go for something everyone loves a fan favorite but not eaten on a regular basis like deviled eggs. There are a ton of simple recipes that add a little flair to them like blue cheese and bacon or dried cranberries and rosemary. Adding a hot element like spinach dip is a crowd pleaser and around out the appetizers.


One of the most important steps I take when hosting a Girl's Night In is to try and satisfy the sweet tooths in the room. For me, it's all about easy and fun desserts like the adorable ice cream cone cake pops or my personal favorite French macaroons. The final items I purchase for a night in is a few bottles of Ava Grace Vineyards, the variety and price point are great! For the gathering, I threw I choose their Rose and Sauvignon Blanc. They both have a great balance to complement the appetizers I chose, and the citrus to cut the fattiness of the foods. Having a great balance of Fat, Acid, Salt, and Sweet really round out any meal or gathering. Remember the wine should act as a facilitator of the meal, helping top add flavor and depth.

I am not going to lay I love to add a few extra to any get to together, like fun printed plates and napkins, cute straws "always paper" and photo accessories. A group shot is a must to end a Perfect Girl's Night In.

Til next time Bubbly Tribe, Pop Fizz Clink, Cheers!