How To Spoil Your Pup Without Breaking The Bank

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As many of you know I am a dog mom and I absolutely adore our pup Midas. I cannot help but want to spoil him 24/7, he really is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. There is one company that we are huge fans of for all our pet products, Pet Magasin. They are an amazing small business who specializes in quality and affordable items for our furry housemates. Last year we were gifted one of their self-heating beds and Midas couldn't love it more. It was a great comfort to him on our week-long road trip. So when we received these amazing products from Pet Magasin to spoil our dog, we were extremely delighted. 

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Probably every six months we will take Midas in for grooming, but what about all the weeks in between? That's where all these pet products come into play. We received Professional-Quality nail clippers with stainless steel blades for large dogs. We also got a set of dog brushes, 1 double-sided brush, a long tooth undercoat dog rake, along with a de-matting comb and a retractable dog leash with clip-on poop bag holder. Not only do we love to pamper our pup he loves to be pampered. First, we start with a warm bath with a quality dog shampoo, after a lather and rinse Midas love to run around the house and dry himself on our rug. haha =). After we towel dry him off we start with the double-sided brush combing out any knots. Depending on your dog's coat and the time of year you may want to use the long tooth undercoat rake or the de-matting comb. Our biggest problem season is summer, Midas doesn't stop shedding. We have to brush him every day, just to keep up with all the hair. One of the items you really need to be careful with are the nail clippers. When clipping your dog's nails you need to be extremely careful and calm. If you cut your dogs nails too short you will cause bleeding. 

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After Midas is brushed out really well, we take him on a long walk to help get out all his energy. His new retractable leash gives him the freedom to explore and me the easy controls I want as an owner. Plus it comes with a handy-dandy poop bag holder, it clips on for easy access and fills. I really cannot say enough about the quality of the products and how much fun we have grooming and playing with Midas. 

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