Why I Love Creating My New West Coast Style

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Style Changes... 

I don't know about you but for me, style is an evolution. Fashion changes, you change, your body changes and some people try to fight it. They try to stay the same size and fit into the same pair of jeans they were in high school or college. I suppose there is nothing really wrong with that... but for me, I would hate to be wearing the same clothes I did in high school. Because I was trying a million different things and shopping at a ton of different stores. My style freshman year was not the style I ended up with senior year. haha, and my style at 30-something is not the style I had at 20-something. So for me moving to Portland was a perfect time to shed most of my Midwest style and try on some new pieces. I have to say I am having a great time doing it. 

In a recent trip to Bend, OR to visit the in-laws at their new place, I decided to try out a new outfit.  I must admit I was out of my comfort zone but that is the point. First off, I am loving that the high-waisted pant and shorts made its swing back into style. For me, it's super flattering on my curvy short frame. 


Out Of My Confront Zone...  

Now I know there are a bunch of stylists out there who will say I put on too many trendy pieces in this outfit but I don't care because I love it. These high-waisted denim distressed shorts are so comfortable they are perfect for a day out exploring and floating the river. The dark denim shirt for me is a super staple, it's one of those classic pieces that are a must in every wardrobe and goes with everything. The black one-piece bathing suit I am showcasing as a body suit giving off seventies vibes. The ruffle detailing and low-back are the perfect balance between fun and a little bit sexy. I am not one to over do it on accessories so this three tier cuff from Tobi is the perfect statement piece to pop with this outfit. The canvas sea star tote adds a pinch of color and fun to the ensemble and of course, my black sandals create both comfort and style.  What I love most about this outfit is how great I feel in it and how comfortable it is. I do not think I would have tried this outfit out if I was still living in Chicago. It is not that Chicago or the Midwest does not have style because they do, a ton of it. It just would have made me feel like I was trying too hard... or too old to pull it off.  But here I just went for it maybe because everyone in Portland has their own style and I mean everyone. So I guess for me it is a little easier to try new things even if they do not work one hundred percent. But for me, this outfit is a 100%!! 

Shop This Look At  TOBI.COM

Shop This Look At TOBI.COM

Day to Night... 

The other thing I absolutely love about this style is that it goes from day to night so easily. Switch out a few pieces and you are ready for a night on the town. Switch the denim shirt for a black leather jacket, the sandals for heels, the tote for a clutch and dinner is served. haha =) I think the three pieces that truly make this outfit is the halter bodysuit, the high-waisted denim shorts, and the gold river pass cuff from Tobi. It's so seventies and I cannot get enough it. Who else wants to hit the disco and boogie oogie all night long.

Let me know your thoughts what is something you have recently tried or want to try that is out of your style box?