Happy 1 Year Anniversary The Daily Bubbly

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A Look Back on an Exciting Year... 

Happy-1-Year Anniversary-The-Daily-Bubbly-June-2017

June 16th marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of The Daily Bubbly and I am so excited to be sharing this moment with you. Taking myself out of the corporate world to pursue a full-time adventure in blogging has been one of the best decisions of my life. It has changed what is important in my life and how I spend my time. The things I was longing for while sitting in an office for sometimes 10 or 11 hour days are now mine. Has my blog exploded and money started rolling in by the truckloads? No, but my happiness has, and that you cannot put a price on. I have also learned so much about myself, the world around me and the wonderful people in the blogging community. A lot of people who become entrepreneurs often feel alone and the weight of the world upon them, but I have felt the complete opposite, so many people cheering me on, a network of support and family that is involved every step of the way. Do not get me wrong it's not an easy or short road, I know my journey has just begun, and times will get hard and there will be people who do not support what or how I am doing it. But truth be told that's okay because it's my road, my journey, my ups and down and that's what makes it special and worth it. There will come times when I lose readers and Instagram followers and receive nasty comments, it will hurt but I am not afraid because I know if I do not put myself out there and follow my heart and passion I won't create my own journey in life. That is something to truly be afraid of. So let's look back on a year of The Daily Bubbly!  

Happy-1-Year Anniversary-The-Daily-Bubbly-June-2017

My Wanderlusting: 

My Favorite Collaborations:

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Even Midas gets in on the Fun with working awesome pet-centered brands like KaiKrates and Pet Magasin. My Favorite Salon experience at Teddie Kossof Salon, Favorite Beauty and Haircare products Belair Skin Science, Vanity Planet, Kenra Professional

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Style Moments: 

What's Next...

Our Road Trip: 

We are so excited for this once in a lifetime trip... Packing up the dog, boy, and driving across the country! We will be starting in Cleveland, OH and visiting friends and family for a week plus checking out all the happening hotspots. Then making our way to St.Louis, Denver, Salt Lake City and over to Portland with a few stops in between! Plus I will be blogging the whole way. That's right this is the first time I have blogged on the road and I cannot wait, to share all the family fun adventure with my tribe. 

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Move To Portland: 

The biggest news of the Summer is that we are moving to Portland, OR. We are saying goodbye to Milwaukee and the Midwest and taking up residency on the West Coast. It will be very hard to say goodbye to our friends, family and the place we have called home for so long. I have always been a Midwest girl, so this will be a big change but I am ready and my family is ready for the next chapter of our lives. What makes this move a little different than let's say an average move is that we sold or donated 90% of our things, we are only packing what will fit in our Prius. That's right no furniture, bare minimum, on clothing, shoes, personal effects, even Jame had to give up a lot of this toys.  This move is really like a shedding of our skin, things come and go but the memories we will share and adventure we will have is everlasting. 
I hope that you will come along with me for another amazing year, I am so grateful to have an awesome tribe, support from my family and friends, and to have worked with so many great companies.