At Teddie Kossof's Salon & Spa, It's a Family Affair




The Difference Service Makes 

After 40 years in the beauty business, Teddie Kossof is on top of his game and he has the family in on it too. Walking into the Teddie Kossof Salon is a special moment. It's a large three story building with a glass entry. As you walk through the doors the entry is lined with media highlights from the past 40 years and you are greeted by smiling receptionists. That's right 40 years! It's rare these days that someone has been in business for over 40's and still going strong. In an industry with ever changing and trendy salons, celebrity hair stylists, and next big thing concepts around every waking corner, it's hard to imagine how one person is holding steadfast through the noise. But here is Teddie standing strong and it's all because of one factor, amazing customer service, quality over quantity. It's not just good or great service but amazing service, I have never been treated better, and it was life changing. Not only has his salon been around over 40 years but his staff has stuck by his side, some since the day the doors opened. In an industry with high employee and client turnover it really says something about who he is as an entrepreneur, stylist, educator, and man. 


With great pleasure, I was able to sit down and chat with Teddie, his son Alan, beautiful daughter and his highly-knowledgeable staffers to get the inside scoop on all things beauty. And oh, did I mention I got my hair done... good hair don't care!! (haha) 


SF: How did you start your career in cosmetology? (Timeline of 40 years in the beauty business) 
It started in 1965 Teddie graduated beauty school and began winning major hair competitions. From 1968 - 1979 opened multiple salons throughout Chicagoland area. 1982 sold all location except Northfield (Current Location Opened in 1975). In 1990 conceived a full salon expansion for "beauty-related services under one roof". In 1995 become the first president of the Salon Owners Association, now the Professional Beauty Association. 1996 Teddie is named one of 20 top salon owners in the United States. In 1998 son Alan joins to Kossof business. 2011 Kossof Spa becomes the first Clarins skin Spa in the midwest region. 2012 son Alan named full partner. In 2015 Teddie's turns 40!! Learn more about Teddie, his years of charitable service to the local community and his celebrity clientele here


The Honest Approach

Teddie's Theory About Business: 
Be Honest and Put Customer Service First!! Do not give clients treatments/products they do not need and stop loading them up with services they cannot afford. But educate the clients on how to take care of their hair and products that work best for them. Never stop learning and educating yourself and staff, if you are not learning you are not moving forward and growing. I also believe deeply in giving back to the community as much as I can, support the community that supports your business.

SF: What is your favorite thing about the beauty industry? 
TK: How it completely changes a person's attitude and confidence, it can be transformative. 
AK: Technology in the haircare industry allowing us the ability to offer new services to learn about the client's hair on an individual level and how to keep healthy hair.  We are offering a specialize service/new technology, where a little scoop looks and analyze the hair underneath the scalp to better understand what's going on and how we should take care of the hair, and how to correct any issue occurring. 

SF: Least Favorite? 
TK: The dishonesty and taking advantage of clients that come from greed. 


SF:  You have had so many celebrity clients, what sets you apart?
TK: I put myself out there, I made a name for myself with my work. I won competitions, networked and gained a clientele by word-of-mouth. 

SF: Any advice for people getting into this industry and/or being a successful small business owner? 
TK: You have to become your own brand before you even open the doors. Never stop learning, continue to better yourself and your technique. And remember why you are here to service the customer. 


SF:  Best drugstore products? 
Most over the counter hair care products the first ingredient is usually water or has a silicone base. When you add heat on a silicone base product it's really just lamenting your hair and doing more damage at the end of the day. So check your products ingredient before you purchase. 

SF: Any advice for women going gray and/or with gray hair? 
Nurture it and protect with a hair oil and use a mask once a week it's one of the best things you can do to keep it from drying out and becoming brittle. 

SF: What are the top 3 beauty No-Nos? 

  • Box dyes/Process; never process your own hair!! NEVER 
  • Organic Products: organic hair dye besides henna (It's not organic or natural it may have an organic base or natural) If you mix two parts of anything together it's not organic. (The organic beauty industry 6.2 billion) If you have someone who cares about your hair and knows what they are doing your hair will be healthy and fantastic. 
  • Pulling your hair back too tight in ponytails or buns: It causes a ton of problems including baldness.

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Halo offices 

Halo offices 

SF: Halo: (Laser & Aesthetic Medicine) 
Just Celebrated their 2nd Anniversary in the Teddie Kossof Salon Spa located on the 2nd floor. Offers a variety of services to you looking for best treatments from non-invasive body contouring, laser treatments, injection therapies, aesthetic services and lifestyle management. For the full list of services or to schedule a consultation


 Best Advice for Haircare: 

  • Hair is very personal it's a living organism and everyone's hair is different. Stop into a professional salon or someone in the industry you can trust and ask them what would be best for my hair. Let them recommend a product for you based on your hair type and the processes your hair has been through. 
  • Be completely honest with your haircare professional. If you box dyed or at-home-permed your hair. They need to know before they begin any treatments for processes. 
  • Protect your hair every day even if you are letting it air-dry. Add a Moroccanoil to your hair routine every day. 

Now that I have spent money on coloring my hair what is the best way to maintain my color? 

  • Gloss that goes on your hair and seals in the color (spend the money get the gloss) 
  • Color Safe shampoo (Megan Colorist Recommends Wella) 
  • Moroccanoil (Cindy Hair Designer Recommends Moroccanoil) 
  • Hair Spray (Cindy Hair Designer Recommends Teddie Kossof) 
From Left to Right:  Cindy - Hair Designer; Megan - Colorist; Myself (Sarah Fern); Teddie & Alan Kossof Owners of Teddie Kossof Salon & Spa 

From Left to Right:

Cindy - Hair Designer; Megan - Colorist; Myself (Sarah Fern); Teddie & Alan Kossof Owners of Teddie Kossof Salon & Spa 

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