DIY Snowflake Ornament From Clothespins

With Christmas vastly approaching I cannot help but continue to deck out my home and tree. On my Pinterest feed, I came across An adorable snowflake ornament pin that I knew would be perfect for duplicating. If you have read my other post you would know that I am decorating my house in red and black buffalo plaid for the christmas holiday. As much as i love my tree I wanted to add pops of black without continuing with the same traditional round plastic bulbs. That's why I chose These snowflake ornaments, they are made from clothespins and you can personalize them to any color or stain you would like. 


Step one: disassemble to reassemble

I must warn you, depending on how many Ornaments you are making will depend on how long it takes you to complete this DIY holiday project. You can buy clothespins pretty much anywhere I brought mine from Target, and I stopped at Home Depot for wood glue and black gloss spray paint. To get started take out the springs and set out the individual pieces after you have disassembled the clothespin. Reassemble them by glueing the flat ends of the clothespins together. With the glue i bought, you only need a few drops and let dry for an hour or so. Each ornament takes 6 clothespins to complete so make sure you have planned out how many you would like to make. The first pieces I glued together were the tops of the ornament with the silver thread. I also placed them under something heavy to dry becuase the thread adds a gap. You can use a thick thread, ribbon or even twine for the ornament hanger. 

This is my gaint bowl of clothespins I brought two packs of 50, that's 200 indidual pieces. haha

This is my gaint bowl of clothespins I brought two packs of 50, that's 200 indidual pieces. haha

Step Two: Let Dry Over Night

Once you have all the tops glued together, continue to glue the remaining pieces to the other five points of the snowflake. After the pieces have dried, lay them out in the design of a snowflake. On a flat surface add glue to the ends of each piece, push them together for a tight fit and let them set over night. The steps above will take about 2-3 hours depending on the amount and how many times you get interrupted. 

Step Three: Paint and hang

After the snowflakes have setup over night lay them out in a well ventilated area and spray paint them your desired color. I want to let you in on a few secrets I learned creating these bad boys. One, a hot glue does not work, at all! Also hand painting these takes forever, FOREVER, thats why I switched to spray paint. It is so much quicker and if you want to add the extra step to glitter them you can coat them with a thin layer of Mod Podge and dust them with glitter. Again, let dry for about an hour and your new ornaments are ready to hang. ENJOY! 

Snowflake Ornament from Blog Sweet Pea


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