1 Simple Accessory That Will Update Your Wardrobe For The Holidays

With the holidays upon Us and a slew of parties to attend, buying a new outfit for each and everyone is probably out of the question.  So how can you transform The Everyday pieces you have in your closet into chic holiday outfits? One word... hosiery. and Because I adore my reader so much I want to introduce you to my go-to for all my legwear needs. 


Meet Leg Appeal the end all be all for hosiery, intimates and everything in between. To make Leg Appeal even better it's locally owned right here in the Midwest, Chicago to be Exact! Elana Kishon the owner and proprietor of Leg Appeal traveled throughout Europe in the 2000s and found how amazing and inexpensive European hosiery was. Being an entrepreneur from a very young age, she recognized a gap and much-needed market niche for legwear. I for one am so happy she did. Her site is the mecca of hosiery, anything you need and or want is on her site and at an incredible price point. Everything on the site is made and manufactured in Europe and is of the highest quality. 

Celebrity Inspiration:

Check out some of my favorite celebrity inspiration below to get your style pot bubbling. 

My Picks: 

A classic black patterned tight should be a staple in a women's wardrobe. Adds style and subtle seductive flirtation, while keeping it classy. 

Sophisticated holiday friendly patterned tights are perfect for giving your favorite cocktail dress a cozy facelift.

The Next Big Thing:

Compression Line, Yes a Crystal-Infused Tight that Combats Fatigue And Help Reduce Celluite, What Woman Doesn't Want That! They not only come in flesh tone but In Black.

Let Me Know In The Comments Below What You Think Of My Picks And Go and Check out Leg Appeal today.