If You Love To Shop Online You Will Love eShakti

Happy Cyber Monday! With so many of us clicking away looking for the perfect gift at the perfect price, I wanted to tell everyone about one of my favorite online stores, eShakti


Shopping Online

With a million online stores out there in cyberspace, where we can spend our money is endless. Most of the time shopping online is easy and everything is at the touch of a button, plus it's delivered right to your door. But sometimes, items don't arrive in the best condition, the fit is all wrong, the quality is less than desirable, or all of the above. It can be extremely disappointing, to say the least, and for women, it's a mixed bag of emotions. Is this going to fit? I don't look like the model in the photo. How much of this is photoshopped? What size will I be? What's the return policy if I hate it? I must admit I am not an avid online shopper, I still prefer to go out and shop in the stores. I know, I know, what am I hundred... nope just a purist. I don't have an Amazon Prime membership or eBay, I don't search the internet for the best deals, it's just too much work and it takes the fun out of the shopping experience. 


However, over the past year, I have found some internet companies that have changed the way I shop and how I thought about e-commerce. For jewelry, Rocksbox is awesome, this monthly jewelry service has opened my eyes to the way I purchase and think about jewelry exchange. It's the NetFlix of Jewelry and I LOVE IT! Adore Me, is my savior when it comes to unmentionables. Bras and panties that are comfortable, fit and the styles are super cute!  Check out my blog post about Adore Me for more information. 


Fashion Forward

eShakti has wowed me with their range of styles, sizes, and customization with women's fashion. No matter your size, body shape or age eShakti will become your one stop shop. Their selection is huge, the price point is fantastic, and the quality is superb! In early October, I ordered a simple yet classic navy button-down a-line dress with an adorable peter pan collar and slit pockets. Ordering was a breeze, pick a style, chose from a select amount of colors or patterns, click your size, type in your height, choose your favorite neckline, sleeve type, and length, add to bag and you are finished! 


My Experience

my dress arrived within the 7-14 days delivery time and the package was marked clearly and wrapped nicely. I was excited to open it and try it on and when I did the dress fit like a glove. plus it was the classic versatile piece that was shown to me online. This dress is an absolute win. The fabric of the dress was soft and comfortable, with a great structural integrity. I must admit I have worn this dress three times since I received it. It's one of those fabulous pieces that goes with anything, from day to night, and if I didn't mention before super comfortable!  Every girl has a closet full of dresses that look amazing on but you cannot breathe, and rip off the second you get in the door. 

Whether you are looking for work, fun, or special occasion this is your clothing store, eShakti has something for everyone even wedding dresses. eShakti was named among the 100 most innovative companies in the world for 2015 by the Internet Retailer. Started in 2001, eShakti began as a small website offering basic cottons, modestly embellished pieces, with the task to provide design and fit solutions to meet consumer needs. Today, they are an international fashion design company designing custom clothing in both style and fit.  For women, of all fabulous body types and sizes, 0 through 36 are able to receive spectacular outfits all at the push of a button. 


My Look

Fall in the midwest has been fantastic, the weather for this time of year has been unseasonably warm. I have been able to enjoy more time outside exploring my new home state. The family and I enjoyed a beautiful day in the historic town of Cedarburg, WI about 30 minutes outside of Milwaukee. This town is truly picturesque and has tons of great things to do. For this ensemble I chose to pair my brand new never worn navy dress with a gray poke-a-dot oxford shirt, black ankle fringe booties, and a Kate Spade brown suede hobo style bag with black leather detailing. I love mixing simple classic pieces, like the navy dress with prints, texture details and jewelry. I also try to think outside the box when it comes to getting dressed. Getting dressed should be fun and a little whimsical. Fashion is magical, it's personal, it's a reflection of who you are, so let your outfit speak volumes. 


This dress would look great with a simple belt but I did not want simple. It's Fall in Wisconsin and I wanted to layer the dress in a fun way. That's why I wrapped the printed gray oxford shirt around my waist, the shirt acts like a belt drawing the eye up. It also breaks up my waist so I look longer and have more definition. I chose an ankle boot with a heel to give me a little height making my legs look longer (which for me is always a challenge).  I also chose a long necklace to break up the neckline, a simple large Kate Spade stud earring paired nicely with my jeweled bracelet and rose gold diamond encrusted Michael Kors watch. When styling an outfit I try not to be too matchy-matchy but to think of the pieces as a family. Everything is a little different but still has the same characteristics. I did not choose a black purse on purpose, I chose a brown suede bag with black detail to match my black suede boots. The textures match with hints of colors in each. Gold and diamond details in the jewelry pieces pull the look together without them matching exactly. Hair up in a simple top bun and a red lip to finish off the look.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of my look or your favorite online e-commerce destination.